Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How to Download Torrent Movie using & BitTorrent S/W

Download Procedure -

1) goto
2) search your movie, you will get plenty of torrents of the same
3) the torrents with following symbol are verified and correct other may be fake or bad quality:

if you want all the verified only torrents, click on 'verified' located above the torrents list
4) Now, choose and click one of the torrents you want to download
5) You will get an another list of the site serving the torrent like - etc.
Choose and click one of them (prefer if working
6) Then you will have a page having Comments about the quality and the actual download link of torrent like following -

Download Torrent

Download this file (it will be in .torrent format and just 15-30 kb

7) Now open this file with the software BitTorrent using Open With... function.


Pravin Varma said...

Great info.......keep writing,,,,,

Sanjay Dudani said...

bas aapka aashirvad hai guruji!

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