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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Backlogger’s Inside Story

Woh degree bhi kya degree jismein back naa ho…

            Hearing the lines may make you feel like TEES MAAR KHAN even after a backlog. It may inspire you that backlog is temporary not permanent but only the one who has gone through this phase can understand the problems, situations and the circumstances of a backlog subject how he tackle it despite of being  busy during the whole semester with regular bunch of subjects.
It Happens-
            It happens because of many reasons like less study, being over-confident, some immediate reasons, etc etc. but most of the times the candidate who ignore the subject from a bunch of subjects. That only subject comes under backlog and reattempt is made.
            When the result declaration comes, the candidate for somewhile doesn’t even realizes that he is gone in one or more subjects when there is no presence of his identity in the whole sheet of passed candidates. He abuses and blames the other friends who somehow manages to pass but during all the semester studied and hanged out together.  But in the lonely moments, the candidate takes his own responsibility. He finds himself at some fault that he has not tried his best to cross the hurdle.
            At the PL days also, the failure candidate being nervous about the time management as the backlog papers cross the dates of regular papers and may even fall on the same day.  Just before the Showtime i.e. the day before the backlog paper, he may receive some messages like  “best of luck…. Do well J” which not only boosts the his morale but also feels like he is going to some war and taken responsibility of many citizens residing back to their homes.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Motivational Quotes

"There are three ingredients to the good life; learning, earning, and yearning. 
- Christopher Morley 

"The chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what we want most for what we want at the moment."
- Author Unknown 

Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your whole life as a champion.

Champions are not made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them – a desire, a dream, a vision.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Reviewing 2O11

Happy New Year
2O11 was a memorable year for me.

The start of 2O11 was with the wedding of my cousin brother at Paratwada.

After that, I rejoined my college where the fourth semester was just started. The days were going superb as no worry was there. But, on the 7th of Feb, I got a very dejecting news, ya you guessed it right, about the results. I failed in one subject i.e. Electronic Devices & Ckts (EDC). I was expecting that I'm going to fail in either Maths-III or EDC or in both. So, the sadly expected result came but I never though that I would ever fail in my final exams at least :( So those days were very bad.

World Cup 2011

After that, the tension was overcame because of the "ENTERTAINMENT KA BAAP" - Cricket World Cup 2011 held in India. I was about to watch a match at Nagpur Stadium which was versus South Africa but it was cancelled due to some reasons. We defeated the big teams like Pakistan, Australia, Sri Lanka and won the ODI World Cup 2nd time in the history of Indian Cricket leaded by MS Dhoni.Winning the world cup with hitting a six with helicopter shot was the most memorable moment of 2011. It was 2nd April, 2011. Indian team decided to dedicate this achievement to the God of World Cricket Sachin Tendulkar. His dream came true that day. Yuvraj Singh, Man of the Tournament, also appreciated his GURUness among all.

Then there came my summer vacations. I travelled around 3OOOkms in that summer vacations. Firstly, we'd to go to wedding of my bua's son at Nandurbar. After that, the tour was there for Hyderabad & Tirupati Balaji.

( continued....!!! )

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

May be the turning point of LiFe

Today was my best day at PRMCEAM. It was the third day of the 6-day soft skills development activity arranged in the college by paying a sum of Rs.1000. I thought I’m wasting my money & I’m glad that I was wrong and it appears helpful for my career as well as my life.
So, today was two parts to be taken by the Piya mam –
1.       Presentation Skills
2.       Emotional Intelligence
In the presentation skills, she made five groups, each group having around 10 students including both boys and girls. We were having 9 students in our group i.e. Abhijeet, Akshata, Ankit, Ankush, Apurva, Mansi,  Namrata, Rikesh and myself. So the task was to think about one topic anything related to technical or non-technical. We were supposed to think about the presentation in the lunch time of 2pm to 3pm. So, we decided to take lunch in 30mins and gather back in the classroom at 2.30pm so that we could discuss about the presentation & write scripts to be delivered. Namrata was made the leader of our group and took the topic “Event Management” later on madam told that it was an unusual topic we had taken. So, the topic was decided based upon which the tasks/subtopics were distributed among the all. The leader was supposed to introduce all the group members individually & the put a light on the topic. Namrata did well, she forget my name in the first attempt but after recall she addressed me. Next was Ankit, he presented the stages of Event Management but forget the planning quote which I had suggested him to add in the script (“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”). Taking it aside, he was good. After him, I was supposed to contribute my team in the presentation scenario. I was supposed to speak on one of the stages of Event Management i.e. Designing. I started like this

Good Afternoon friends, the next stage of event management is designing.
Designing is the important aspect of Event Management.
No event can be conducted without a proper design.
The success of event depends on the design of the event.

Design includes two parts –
·         Space availability i.e. how much space is available for the event
·         Resource management i.e. how many resources are needed & are they available
I accept that this was not a very good content to be delivered but it’s an acceptable one as no resources were used & made-up in 20mins. I delivered this in a very good manner. I seldom get a chance to speak in the class & most of the times I failed. But, I made-up my mind that
“Ab Toh Khone ke liye kuch bacha hi nahi class mein, main itni baar disaapoint kar chukka tha public speaking mein”

So, the “fear of failure” was been demolished by me after some failures. So, one after other all my colleagues delivered their part and we reached the end.
Now, the time was for the judgment, the result. According to me, the performances of all the fellows were superb. As per the expectations, madam gave us remarkable reviewed result. She told that the co-ordination of the team was very good, the body language of all was fine, the content and the topic was very good and chosen nicely. Our team gained the most marks out of 5 groups i.e. 18.5 out of 20. She said that we were good at teamwork but the noise at backstage was the -ve point & I agreed this point. She said that I have good leadership skills & it was good to see after failing in the previous activity of talking about one random topic for 40 seconds in which I got "Cyber-Crime" as topic. Surprisingly, I got 4+3=7 marks out of 15 in it.