Wednesday, December 21, 2011

May be the turning point of LiFe

Today was my best day at PRMCEAM. It was the third day of the 6-day soft skills development activity arranged in the college by paying a sum of Rs.1000. I thought I’m wasting my money & I’m glad that I was wrong and it appears helpful for my career as well as my life.
So, today was two parts to be taken by the Piya mam –
1.       Presentation Skills
2.       Emotional Intelligence
In the presentation skills, she made five groups, each group having around 10 students including both boys and girls. We were having 9 students in our group i.e. Abhijeet, Akshata, Ankit, Ankush, Apurva, Mansi,  Namrata, Rikesh and myself. So the task was to think about one topic anything related to technical or non-technical. We were supposed to think about the presentation in the lunch time of 2pm to 3pm. So, we decided to take lunch in 30mins and gather back in the classroom at 2.30pm so that we could discuss about the presentation & write scripts to be delivered. Namrata was made the leader of our group and took the topic “Event Management” later on madam told that it was an unusual topic we had taken. So, the topic was decided based upon which the tasks/subtopics were distributed among the all. The leader was supposed to introduce all the group members individually & the put a light on the topic. Namrata did well, she forget my name in the first attempt but after recall she addressed me. Next was Ankit, he presented the stages of Event Management but forget the planning quote which I had suggested him to add in the script (“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”). Taking it aside, he was good. After him, I was supposed to contribute my team in the presentation scenario. I was supposed to speak on one of the stages of Event Management i.e. Designing. I started like this

Good Afternoon friends, the next stage of event management is designing.
Designing is the important aspect of Event Management.
No event can be conducted without a proper design.
The success of event depends on the design of the event.

Design includes two parts –
·         Space availability i.e. how much space is available for the event
·         Resource management i.e. how many resources are needed & are they available
I accept that this was not a very good content to be delivered but it’s an acceptable one as no resources were used & made-up in 20mins. I delivered this in a very good manner. I seldom get a chance to speak in the class & most of the times I failed. But, I made-up my mind that
“Ab Toh Khone ke liye kuch bacha hi nahi class mein, main itni baar disaapoint kar chukka tha public speaking mein”

So, the “fear of failure” was been demolished by me after some failures. So, one after other all my colleagues delivered their part and we reached the end.
Now, the time was for the judgment, the result. According to me, the performances of all the fellows were superb. As per the expectations, madam gave us remarkable reviewed result. She told that the co-ordination of the team was very good, the body language of all was fine, the content and the topic was very good and chosen nicely. Our team gained the most marks out of 5 groups i.e. 18.5 out of 20. She said that we were good at teamwork but the noise at backstage was the -ve point & I agreed this point. She said that I have good leadership skills & it was good to see after failing in the previous activity of talking about one random topic for 40 seconds in which I got "Cyber-Crime" as topic. Surprisingly, I got 4+3=7 marks out of 15 in it.

Monday, December 12, 2011

उसका wish wish और मेरा wish विष ?

Facebook Wall Post
Dear Reader,
If anyone of your friends is having his birthday, please  
"DO CALL HIM". Because there are so many people around you who cannot afford and care enough to check your wish on the social networking sites like facebook.
So, you may miss the treat given by him and hurt yourself because of the fact that he has skipped you because of his stupidity. The treat here is not important, important is he was having misunderstanding.

Last Friday this happened with me. One of my friends was having birthday that day and like any human he aspired to get maximum no. of wishes calls and texts on his mobile. Unfortunately, because of facebook-age, today most of the wishes are sent online because it's supposed that the person having his birthday will surely check his facebook at least on his birthday.

So, I used to wish all the persons having birthday on facebook in the midnight time (if I found time) or in the morning. I was online that day after 12am, so I googled a birthday pic and posted it on his wall. But, on his birthday, he was such a silly boy that he even don't care to check if I have wished or not, he concluded that I've not wished him his birthday like many of his friends did. One of our mutual friends wished him birthday by calling and asked him for treat/party. The birthday boy came there and picked him and said that nobody other than him (mutual friend) has wished him. The mutual friend said that before concluding just check your facebook and see. He refused to that proposal and moved on.

So, this is life guys...!!!

wish birthday by calling

Friday, October 28, 2011

Software Engineer

अपने प्रोजेक्ट के बोझ तले दबा जा रहा है, वो देखो एक software engineer जा रहा है।

ज़िन्दगी से हारा हुआ है, पर "bugs" से हार नहीं मानता, अपने application की एक-एक लाइन उसे रटी हुई है,

पर आज कौन से रंग के मोज़े पहने हुए है ये नहीं जानता, दिन पर दिन एक Excel फाइल बनाता बनाता जा रहा है,
वो देखो एक software engineer जा रहा है। दस हज़ार लाइन के कोड में error ढूँढ लेते हैं लेकिन, मजबूर दोस्त की आँखों में नमी दिखाई नहीं देती,
PC पर हज़ार windows खुली हैं, पर दिल की खिड़की पर कोई दस्तक सुनाई नहीं देती,
week days नहाता नहीं, weekend पे नहा रहा है, वो देखो एक software engineer जा रहा है।

Coding करते करते पता ही नहीं चला, Bugs की priority कब माँ-बाप से high हो गयी, किताबों में गुलाब रखने वाला, cigarette के धुएं में खो गया,

दिल की ज़मीन से अरमानों की विदाई हो गयी, Weekends पे दारू पीके जो जश्न मना रहा है, वो देखो एक software engineer जा रहा है।
मज़े लेना हो तो इससे पूछ लो, "Salary Increment" की पार्टी कब दे रहे हो, हंसी उडाना हो तो पूछ लो, "Onsite" कब जा रहे हो?
वो देखो onsite से लौटे team-mate की chocolates खा रहा है, वो देखो एक software engineer जा रहा है।

खर्चे बढ़ रहे हैं, बाल कम हो रहे हैं, KRA की डेट आती नहीं, Income Tax के सितम हो रहे हैं, लो फिर से bus छूट गयी, ऑटो से आ रहा है, वो देखो एक software engineer जा रहा है।

Pizza गले से नहीं उतरता, तो "Coke" के सहारे निगल लिया जाता है, Office Canteen की "थाली" देख मुंह है बिगाड़ता, माँ के हाथ का वो खाना बार बार याद आता है,
"Sprout bhel" बनी है फिर भी, free "Evening Snacks" खा रहा है, वो देखो एक software engineer जा रहा है।

आपने अब तक ली होंगी बहुत सी चुटकियाँ, software engineer के जीवन का सच बताती ये आखरी कुछ पंक्तियाँ, हजारों की तनख्वाह वाला, company की करोड़ों की जेब भरता है,

software engineer वही बन सकता है, जो लोहे का ज़िगर रखता है, हम लोग जी जी के मरते हैं, ज़िन्दगी है कुछ ऐसी, एक फ़ौज की नौकरी, दूसरी software engineer की,
दोनों एक जैसी, इस कविता का हर शब्द मेरे दिल की गहराई से आ रहा है, वो देखो एक software engineer जा रहा है।


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Diwali

Let's celebrate the auspicious day of Diwali with fun and frolic
May this bright day bring Bountiful Bliss and Joy in your life

Happy Diwali :-)

//Program by Sanjay Dudani (me)
import java.festival.*;
class Celebration
public static void main(String args[])
Festival f = new Festival("Diwali");
f.write("Wish you and your family a very Happy Diwali !!!");
catch(HappinessOutOfBoundsException e)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cartoon Kona

My  College's Guy

Think HATKE ;-) It's Just For Fun !!!

A Bird asked a Bee ...
You work so hard, to get honey and people steal that from you ...

Don't you feel sad ...?

Bee replied ..

No, because they can never steal my art of making HONEY ♥

Now, this happened with me-
Someone asked me ...
You work so hard, to get the fabulous running programs and people steal that from you by PenDrive...

Don't you feel SAD ...?

I replied ..

No, because they can never steal my art of PROGRAMMING :-)

My Hobby

"Hobby is some activity or interest that is to be done in the spare time. The hobbies are undertaken for the sake of mind relaxation between the busy hours of life."

I’m going to talk about my hobby today. My hobby is to create innovative and interesting videos in Windows Movie Maker & Blogging. I like to download tons of images of cricket via Internet & mix them up with some music or bollywood songs. After the successful compilation of the video, I upload them to the most famous Video Sharing Website YouTube. After the introduction of websites like YouTube, everybody can make their own stuff & let the people around the world see it. There are millions of people around the world having YouTube accounts who are able to search, view & comment on your video. I get inspired by the comments I get there. The word of appreciation touches my heart.

My another hobby is Blogging. The good thing about blogging is you don’t have to pay for anything to share your thoughts, stories with the people around your world. Some people blog like journalists blog about current news, technical people blog about latest technology happenings. At the very first stage, the blogging was called as “weblog”. I have my personal blog on the Blogger website at I have written my story of the past on that & embedded my creations in it. I have written that stuff so that when I will grow up & forget the memories, I can recall them by visiting the blog. I have embedded a gadget, a type of tool in blogger, through which I can see how many visitors have visited my blog till now. The total visitors are now more than 5000. The visitors of my blog are very rare because only celebrities are the persons about whom the world is interested in. The BigB’s blog at BigAdda website & Aamir Khan’s blog are the most visited blog from India.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

What Superpower would you like to have?

I would like to have a superpower to be invisible.

It would be great to travel around the world without ticket. I would see all the Wonders of the World from Tajmahal to the Great Wall of China without paying a single rupee. I would observe the cultures & traditions of all the countries around the world. I would go in the White House to see the first black president of USA Mr.Barack Obama & feel his greatness.

I would hear what people say about me in my absence without letting them know that I am there. If what they say about me is found to be one of the bitter truths, I would improve myself & dissolve my negative qualities.

It would be great to meet big personalities like Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar etc without letting them know.

I would have live cricket match inside the ground & would have changed the situations like hitting the stumps, changing the direction of the ball, kicking the bat while the batsman is going to hit the ball. It would be tremendous fun for me and troublesome for the players.

I would watch the shootings of the bollywood and hollywood films & alter the things going on there for fun.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Nostalgia – Ode to college life and friends (HINDI)

राह देखी थी इस दिन की कबसे
आगे के सपने सजा रखे थे ना जाने कब से

बड़े उतावले थे जाने को
ज़िन्दगी का अगला पड़ाव पाने को

पर ना जाने क्यों दिल में आज कुछ और आता है
वक़्त को रोकने का जी चाहता है

जिन बातों को लेकर रोते थे
आज उन पर हंसी आती है

न जाने क्यों आज उन पलों की याद बहुत सताती है

कहा करता था ..बड़ी मुश्किल से चार साल सह गया
पर आज न जाने क्यों लगता है की कुछ पीछे रह गया

कही अनकही हज़ारों बातें रह गयी
न भूलने वाली कुछ यादें रह गयी

मेरी टांग अब कौन खींचा करेगा
सिर्फ मेरा सर खाने कौन मेरा पीछा करेगा

जहां दो हज़ार का हिसाब नहीं वहाँ दो-दो रूपए के लिए कौन लडेगा

कौन रात भर साथ जाग कर पढ़ेगा

कौन मेरा लंच मुझसे पूछे बिना खायेगा

कौन मेरे नए नए नाम बनाएगा

में अब बिना मतलब किस से लडूंगा
बिना टॉपिक के किससे फालतू में बकवास करूंगा

कौन फेल होने पर दिलासा दिलाएगा
कौन गलती से नंबर आने पर गालियाँ सुनाएगा

Greenwood में Slice किस के साथ पियूंगा
वो हसीं पल अब किसके साथ जियूँगा

ऐसे दोस्त कहाँ मिलेंगे जो खाई में भी धक्का दे आयें
पर फिर तुम्हें बचाने खुद भी कूद जायें

मेरी ग़ज़लों से परेशान कौन होगा
कभी मुझे किसी लड़की से बात करते देख हैरान कौन होगा

कौन कहेगा चद्द्या तेरे जोक़ पे हंसी नहीं आती
कौन पीछे से बुला के कहेगा ..आगे देख भाई

कैरम में किसके साथ खेलूंगा
किस के साथ बोरिंग lectures झेलूँगा

Professors के PJ पर राक्षस की तरह कौन हंसेगा
“पुगाई में हारने वाले की Treat”..इस चक्कर में अब कौन फंसेगा

मेरे Certificates ko रद्दी कहने की हिम्मत कौन करेगा
बिना डरे सच्ची राय देने की हिम्मत कौन करेगा

Stage पर अब किस के साथ जाऊँगा
Juniors को फालतू के Lectures कैसे सुनाउंगा

अचानक बिन मतलब के किसी को भी देख कर पागलों की तरह हँसना
न जाने ये फिर कब होगा

कह दो दोस्तों, ये दुबारा सब होगा

दोस्तों के लिए Professor से कब लड़ पाएंगे

क्या ये दिन फिर से आ पाएंगे

रात को दो बजे परांठे खाने कौन जायेगा
तीन गिलास लस्सी पीने की शर्त कौन लगाएगा

कौन मुझे मेरे काबिलियत पर भरोसा दिलाएगा
और ज्यादा उड़ने पर ज़मीन पे लायेगा

मेरी ख़ुशी में सच में खुश कौन होगा
मेरे ग़म में मुझसे ज्यादा दुखी कौन होगा

मेरी ये कविता कौन पड़ेगा
कौन इसे सच में समझेगा

बहुत कुछ लिखना अभी बाकी है
कुछ साथ शायद बाकी है

बस एक बात से डर लगता है दोस्तों
हम अजनबी न बन जायें दोस्तों

ज़िन्दगी के रंगों में दोस्ती का रंग फीका न पड़ जाये
कहीं ऐसा न हो दुसरे रिश्तों की भीड़ में दोस्ती दम तोड़ जाए

ज़िन्दगी में मिलने की फ़रियाद करते रहना
अगर न मिल सकें तो कम से कम याद करते रहना

चाहे जितना हंसलो आज मुझ पर
में बुरा नहीं मानूंगा
इस हंसी को अपने दिल में बसा लूँगा
और जब याद आएगी तुम्हारी
यही हंसी लेकर थोडा मुस्कुरा लूँगा

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Moment of the Day -

Teacher invited me to talk about "My first day in an Engineering College",
I said (for spreading laughter in class) : I was Absent on first day, I came here on second day.

Resulting in hahaha in the whole class.