Thursday, January 29, 2009

Anger - Strength or Weakness

Today, I will communicate you about the famous emotion of Man - 'Anger'. 

Many people says"Anger is the weakness of Man, it is the enemy of Man". But the truth is "Whenever a big change in the society is made, is made because of Anger".
Going through the history, a big example is there of our Mahatma Gandhi. In the British Age,  the British men threw Gandhiji out of the compartment of the train only because he was Indian who   
was travelling through AC class. Gandhiji got angered. But he remained calm and replied, "
You threw me outside this compartment, I will throw you outside this country".What did he do? He converted his weakness into a strong determination.
So, Anger is not only weakness but also it is a biggest strength of Man when it is taken positively.
The present example of using Anger in a positive way is -
On 26th November 2008, few Pakistani terrorist thrilled the Mumbai for 3 days. After that, everybody in not only Mumbai but also in the whole India got angered against the Rulers, the politicians and against all the persons responsible for our safety in India. Indian people were swearing against the 'Terrorism of Pakistan'.
As the result of this, Indian government put a pressure on Pakistani government, and Pakistani government was also pressured by other countries like America. And they are taking actions against the terrorist at Pakistan.
I am not saying that all the above actions are taken only because of Anger. But anger is a major responsible of all this.
So, "Anger is the biggest strength of Man when it is taken positively"

Date- 29 January, 2009