Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Backlogger’s Inside Story

Woh degree bhi kya degree jismein back naa ho…

            Hearing the lines may make you feel like TEES MAAR KHAN even after a backlog. It may inspire you that backlog is temporary not permanent but only the one who has gone through this phase can understand the problems, situations and the circumstances of a backlog subject how he tackle it despite of being  busy during the whole semester with regular bunch of subjects.
It Happens-
            It happens because of many reasons like less study, being over-confident, some immediate reasons, etc etc. but most of the times the candidate who ignore the subject from a bunch of subjects. That only subject comes under backlog and reattempt is made.
            When the result declaration comes, the candidate for somewhile doesn’t even realizes that he is gone in one or more subjects when there is no presence of his identity in the whole sheet of passed candidates. He abuses and blames the other friends who somehow manages to pass but during all the semester studied and hanged out together.  But in the lonely moments, the candidate takes his own responsibility. He finds himself at some fault that he has not tried his best to cross the hurdle.
            At the PL days also, the failure candidate being nervous about the time management as the backlog papers cross the dates of regular papers and may even fall on the same day.  Just before the Showtime i.e. the day before the backlog paper, he may receive some messages like  “best of luck…. Do well J” which not only boosts the his morale but also feels like he is going to some war and taken responsibility of many citizens residing back to their homes.